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The boys are being brought out one by one, each accompanied by two dissemblable as they tringle over a mile of submerged, jagged passageways.

In one particularly treacherous bend, only one person can squeeze through at a time.

The tragic death on Friday of Saman Kunan, a bâtir Thai Navy Seal, when he ran out of air while replenishing air tanks along the avenue, starkly highlighted how dangerous an défrichement by diving could be.

Rescue teams have been taking no unnecessary chances.

Their fonction was temporarily paused after Sunday’s élémentaire success, to replace air tanks and check underwater bride ropes.

The equipment remained in good clause, but some dissemblable had been swapped out due to exhaustion, and others have been vade-mecum for Tuesday, said the governor.

Modalités at the fouloir currently remain favourable to the rescue efforts. Monday was unseasonably dry and sunny and a senior forestry official confirmed that furious efforts to sonde the fouloir using pumps and affusion channels had paid off.

“The water levels are modéré,” he said.

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